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Famebolt Terms and Conditions


In continuing to use the services and administrations offered by or marking a checkbox or other record consenting to comply with these Terms of Service, users of agree to be bound by the rules and regulations listed below (“this Agreement”).’s Offered Services exists as an online marketplace where brands and organizations can buy, sell, and transfer their branded social networking accounts (“Digital Assets”) to other brands or businesses, according to the rules laid out in this Agreement.

Sellers may use famebolt to sell their Digital Assets through either Classifieds or Auctions. Buyers may use Famebolt to offer to buy Digital Assets through an auction or direct contact.

A single Famebolt client may use famebolt as either a buyer, as a seller, or as both. is an online marketplace that specializes in connecting buyers and seller We provide the site and means that buyers and sellers may use to conduct their Auctions, but we are not the worker, operator, accomplice, joint venturer, or subcontractor of any buyer or seller on the site. famebolt is not a finacial institution or a payment processor you may not use famebolt to lunder money or perform any illigal activity.

We cannot ensure or guarantee that a buyer or seller will complete any business transaction that is begun on, nor that they will act legitimately in their use of’s services. We are not involved in any understanding or exchange between buyers and sellers.

Rules for Famebolt Users

In using these services, clients agree to be bound by these rules:

  1. reserves the right to delete users or listings without warning if the user breaks this Agreement.
  2. We do not provide refunds for deposits to our site unless there is a problem on our end.
  3. If any user attempts to scam other users on the site, reserves the right to submit their user data to the proper authorities for investigation.
  4. The Terms of Service are subject to change at our discretion, and we reserve the right to change them with no warning.
  5. The only Digital Assets that may be sold on are Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. Further, by creating a listing on, sellers are confirming to Famebolt and buyers that they are qualified to sell the Digital Asset(s) in question and that they are the proprietor of the Intellectual Property Rights and every other right associated with that Digital Asset.
  6. is a place for business and professional transactions, so we ask that all users act professionally and treat other users with respect.
  7. All communications between users must happen on Do not solicit users off-site. If you do, you will not hold responsible for any actions taken outside of our control.
  8. All transactions must go through’s escrow system. If you want to use another method for any reason, you must get the method approved by a Famebolt admin beforehand.
  9. Sellers shouldn’t reveal the URLs of the properties they’re selling in public spaces. Keep information like specific URLs for private messages.
  10. Users who choose to list their Digital Assets for sale may be subject to identity verification for no reason.
  11. When completing a transaction, sellers agree to fully release their property or Digital Assets to before receiving any payment.
  12. When interacting with other users on the site, you agree that you will only use their Personal Information to connect them with a deal or purchase of a Digital Asset. Unless you and the other user agree, independently of Famebolt, to do so, you will not use another user's Personal Information for any other reason.