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Jun 16, 2022, 05:19 am

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Moderator position available

We are looking for a trusted person to be a moderator the title moderator comes with a lot of privileges. however extensive verification is required. only apply if you meet any of these criteria

1. You are always active online
2. You are familiar with social media migration
3. you're capable of being transparent and honest.
4. willing to share your identity with us
5. you enjoy using famebolt and will be happy to be on the team.

Please be aware this is not a paid position you will however have access to a lot of privileges as a moderator and the ability to sell your service on famebolt once we have our service section added. only apply if you meet these criteria you can apply by submitting a ticket with the title Moderator application

Bharat Vadher

Hi My Name Is Bharat Vadher.

People know us : kanudo

I likes to join famebolt Moderator

2 years ago

Marcus Aurelius Dewantara

Hi, i want to be moderator. How can i apply?

2 years ago


I'm interested

2 years ago


I like to be the moderator ❤️

2 years ago


I am interested

2 years ago