t’s happened to all of us. You uploaded a video to TikTok that’s absolutely hysterical and you want everyone to see it. Unfortunately, the app has embedded a watermark on the clip which says “dancetiktok” or something similar. That can be really frustrating for some people, and usually leads them to resorting to editing the clip in an external program before uploading it again – which might distort or otherwise affect the quality of the video.

Now, there’s a way to remove the watermark from TikTok videos without any loss of quality. Here are the steps:

1) Download and install a free program called Wondershare FilmoraBooth. It’s available on both PC and Mac, so you should be able to find it on your platform of choice. If you have Filmora installed already, you can skip this step. This program is used in editing videos, so it will come in handy for that purpose regardless.

2) Open up the program and import the clip that actually has a watermark on it (or you can import all clips if you’re planning on removing filters for some reason).

3) Go to Filters and select the “Digital Watermark Removal” filter.

4) Click on Preview, and you should see that the watermark has been eliminated (you can continue editing if you want – just be sure to save it as a new video).

5) Once you’re satisfied with the results, go ahead and export the clip. It will be saved without any watermarks. Make sure to export it under the same resolution as the original one, but in H.264 format instead of MP4 (the default one). That way you won’t lose any quality.

6) Open up TikTok, go to the video you just edited, and click on Share.

7) Copy the URL, paste it into a browser (Chrome or Firefox should work just fine), and remove everything after “vid=” – this will take you to the video sans watermark. Go back to TikTok, share the new URL, and voilĂ ! The watermark is gone for good.

But let’s get back to Filmora for a second here.