What’s the key to Youtube success? More views, of course. Sure, some people might argue that there are other factors like the quality of content or how well your channel matches up with a certain target demographic. But even in the most popular videos, you’ll notice that the people with the most views are consistently pretty far at the top of Youtube’s search engine.
How do they stay there? It’s because they have a large number of views. Simple as that.
How do you get more views, then? I’m glad you asked. There are a few ways you can get more views on your Youtube videos. Let me show you my favorite way to get more views on Youtube (especially if you’re trying to take over the world).
But first, let’s talk about:
How Many Views Do You Need for Your Youtube Video? This is an important question to ask yourself before you start doing anything else. You need to know where your video stands in order to know how badly you want more views. Are you desperate for more views or are you content where you’re at?
Why does the number of views matter? Because if your goal is world domination and you’re just trying to get a few million extra views, you’re going to have a lot better luck with a slightly different strategy than if your goal is just getting fifty more people to see your video.
You may have heard the statement “Niche Topics = Niche Audiences” and this is true on Youtube as well as in real life. The larger the total number of people who watch your video, the better chance that youtube will rank it higher in search results.
Getting views is easy. Getting more views is hard. This is especially true if your video has already gotten a lot of views.
This is also why it’s not a good idea to get lots of views in the beginning – you’ll just be chasing after those same few million people again and again, trying to get your video even higher in the search results and on other people’s videos. You’ll be starting all over again and losing all of those viewers you gained earlier, making it harder for your video to grow organically now that you’ve got them back in your new audience.
Instead of trying to get more views in the beginning, the best strategy is to create something that’s already popular and then try and get more views from people who find your video because of this popularity.
How do you get even more viewers for your videos? Use the ideas I’ve given you so far as a jumping-off point. Then tweak them to fit your unique situation.
Why You Should Get Traffic from Youtube – If You Want More Views

  1. More Views means more views = more traffic, which means you’ll be able to grow your channel faster (especially if you’re using social media like Facebook or Twitter).
  2. Getting more traffic from Youtube is easy (especially if you know what you’re doing).
  3. Youtube has a lot of different ways to get traffic which can be customized to fit your video’s unique style and content.
    Melissa Kuntz grew her Youtube Channel to over 3,000 Subscribers using the method I’m showing you today. Here’s her video:
    How to Get More Views on Youtube
    Melissa writes, “if you want to get more views on your video and you don’t know how to do it, I’m going to give you the best way I know. It’s called the ‘Get More Views On Your Youtube Channel’ method. In this video, I will show you how to get subscribers and views on your youtube channel. The video was filmed in May of 2010, but the same thing is still true today.”
    “I first started out uploading my videos using a free account from YouTube,” she continues. “Soon after that, I upgraded to a paid account (the one that allows me to upload more videos).).
  4. More traffic will mean more subscribers, so you can grow your network faster without doing anything.
  5. More money – Some video creators with popular videos have even been able to work out deals with advertisers in order to get cash in exchange for their viewers seeing and clicking on ads, sometimes earning enough money to quit their day jobs.
  6. Traffic helps you build an audience. Youtube is a social network, so the more people you know, the easier it’ll be to reach new people through your videos and other social media channels (like Reddit).
    Ok, now that we’ve talked about how many views are needed for success on youtube, let’s get into:
    How to Get More Views on Youtube (Without investing much time at all).
    What are some of the best ways to get more views on Youtube videos? There are a lot more than you think there are. 
    Here’s a list:
  7. Create Many Youtube Videos and Post them on Other Sites
    If you want to increase your traffic on Youtube, it’s better to create many videos instead of just one.   It will help you reach many people easily and give most of them something to watch while they’re surfing other sites.  Once they’ve started watching your video, they might realize it’s too long and forget about it immediately or they may put you in their favorites (which is how I eased into my new youtube audience).   
    Don’t forget that you can also post these videos to many other sites. If you’re talking about a video game walk-through, you could post your videos on game websites, fan websites and even non-game-related websites.  Here are some ideas for places to post. epal etc
    How to Get More Views on Youtube – Create Many Videos and Upload them to Other Sites
  8. Create a Video That’s The Best Kind of Content for the Site it’s posted on
    If you know what kind of viewers frequent a certain site, then make sure your video is the best kind of content for that site.
    This is important for two reasons.
    a. If you don’t create the best content, you’ll get fewer views from people there than they deserve.
    b. People on that site will do more of what they’re already doing, which means you can reach them easier and faster next time by making something that’s closer to their interests again. (That “like” button it the third thing in your video count).
    (Note: Youtube Titles are changed to show up better in search results)
  9. Post Your Video on Other Social Media Sites, Blogs and Comment Areas
    If you’re posting your video on Youtube, you should try and post it to other social media sites as well. Don’t forget that there are many people who use sites like Facebook or Reddit or even Twitter because they don’t have time to make their own website. 
    Getting a video up on these sites is important because oftentimes people will “like” or “share” posts from other social media onto Youtube. After all, it’s the next best thing to posting up the actual video.