Instagram is on the rise. With a whopping 400 million active users every day, it has became the social media platform of choice for many people to connect with their friends and/or clients. If you’re looking to get your product or service in front of this targeted audience, there’s no better way than using Instagram ads. In this post you’ll learn what to do to make your Instagram advertising campaign a success!

What You Need To Know About Instagram Ads:
1) The price per click is higher than most other platforms (around $0.50 – $1), but lower than Google search ($0).
2) The lower CPC makes it attractive to small businesses. If your product is not super specific or in high demand, you’ll be able to get a higher ROI with Instagram Ads than on Google Search.
3) The ads are image-based, which means the ad is only as good as the image, so make sure to nail that aspect of things.
4) You can have multiple images per ad (up to 10). This is where you should experiment and try different combinations of photos and text.
5) Your brand needs to have a strong following before Facebook will approve your ads. Use this time to build up an audience for your account before starting an ad campaign.
6) Keep in mind that Instagram is a social network, so it’s important to promote your posts to your followers and give a reason for them to follow you.
7) Will it work? Although some very famous brands have gotten on Instagram and actually started making good money with there ads, you’re more likely to see success if your business is extremely targeted.
8) Start out with one ad per day in the beginning. It’s okay to increase this number later on when your users are accustomed to seeing your ads and become interested in what you’re selling.
9) Keep an eye on analytics because Instagram calls this “boosting”. You can boost an ad by paying even more for a week (up to $1). This is to increase the chance of your post going viral.
10) Use hashtags. If people find your ads and click on them, they will become a part of the ads’ universe and will help it to spread . This is known as Organic reach, which is much higher than paid reach.
11) Do NOT buy followers or Likes for your Instagram account. This adds no value to your business and can cause you to not gain any organic reach!
12) When posting, be sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Otherwise, you might get a lot of traffic but not have any organic reach at all.
13) You can use Instagram’s Editor tool for multiple photos in one ad. If you have a series of photos to share, you can use these collages to create an ad that is more visually appealing.
14) Post at least once per day. This will keep your account active and relevant. If you don’t have any time to post yourself, try buying likes from a service like WeLikeHits . They do all the work for you and even track your posts.
15) Post often. This keeps your followers interested and wanting to see more from you. You could try posting every 3 hours if you have time to do so!